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What the critics say...

With a career spanning over thirty years, West’s artwork is unrivalled in its style. He is recognised not only for his technical prowess, but also for his devotion to exploring the use of everyday objects and materials in contemporary art.

The Woolff Gallery

The gorgeous drips and bright tones of Russell West’s work challenge you to look away, forming beguiling patterns and accidental clashes of colour. Taking architecture as its skeleton, his works draw on “the chaotic nature of human living conditions that he has witnessed”.

London Art Fair


About Russell West’s Paint Series

Russell West’s intensely coloured, dripping paint artworks draw the eye into a three-dimensional labyrinth of layers and hollows, colours and patterns. West can spend up to a year creating a work, repeatedly applying prepared layers and strips of (just) paint onto pre-arranged wire and pins on a board, then allowing the work, in part, to be defined by the natural effects of gravity and the serendipitous movement of the paint.

West’s knowledge of paint, its weight, and movement is an understanding that could not be taught, he has personally developed this unique style over the last 30 years and there is no other artist to rival West’s expertise in this ingenious creative technique.

Cloe up of Gnab | Big Bang Art | Russell West 3D Wall Art Sculptures
Gnab V

FAQ on Paint Series 3D wall art sculptures  

Q1: Are 3D wall art sculptures like Paint Series paintings too heavy to be hung on wall?

A1: Russell West uses unique wall hanging system to securely hang the art work on wall.  The system work very well for large 3d sculpture wall art like his Paint Series paintings.  

Q2: Does Russell West only specialise in 3D wall art sculptures in UK?

A2: His present focus is on Paint Series 3D sculpture wall art.  However, Russell West is also a talented metal sculpture artist.  He has created many metal sculptures including a 2.5m bronze sculpture.  He is based in U.K.

Q3: Which art fairs does Russell West show his Paint Series 3D wall art sculptures?

A3: West shows his artworks at various art fairs including AAF and Context Art Miami.  He also exhibits at his representative art galleries in London, Paris and Belgium.

Q4: Can I buy Russell West’s abstract sculptures and 3D wall art in America?

A4: Yes, you can. Some of Russell West’s artworks are exhibited at art fairs in America. You can just contact us to get the details. Otherwise, we can arrange to send over from U.K.

Q5: Are the Paint Series 3D wall art for sale for office use?

Q5: You can hang the paintings anywhere you like! Russell West’s Paint Series paintings are perfect 3D wall art for office. From a large corporate space to small home office. The bright colours would create a positive atmosphere.
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