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Russell West has created a wide array of commissioned art works. The art works include a 2.5m tall bronze sculpture in Hong Kong and Sardine, a pub wall art commissioned by Railway Arms near Clapham North High Street train station, which is seen by thousands of commuters everyday.

Q1: What is a commissioned art?

A1: A commission is the process of requesting an artist the creation of an art piece. Artwork may be commissioned by businesses, art organisations or private individuals, It is a unique experience of hiring an artist to create an art piece that you visualise. Commissions often serve as a sponsorship. 

Q2: What are the artist commission prices?

A2: The prices vary greatly as what kind of art you are commissioning. Some are large and use expensive materials and processes like bronze sculptures, while other could be just small portrait paintings.

Q3: How difficult to commission art piece?

A3: If you know exactly what you like to have, it wouldn’t be too difficult, However, to find the artist you trust and interpret the concept exactly in the same way as you could be tricky. Most artist are keen to discuss the details with you until both sides become satisfied with the plan.

Q4: Do you need an artist commission contract?

A4: It is generally recommended to create a contract so that both parties understand what is involved.

Q5: How much does it cost to commission a piece of pub wall art?

A5: It depends on the factors such as the size, materials, where to install etc. You need to discuss with the artist well.

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